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How do I check the status of a connection?

Unlike with the RTCC driver, the plugin doesn t show any icon indicating the connection status. 

However, our JS API raises event during the connection of the driver/plugin. These events provides your web app a complete status of the connection. It is even more precise than colours of the icon in driver.

For example in plugin in Firefox, the following event are raised:


webrtc.capability arguments:0 the browser does not support webRTC
ui.ready arguments: the UI has been loaded 
plugin.load arguments: the plugin has been successfully loaded in the page
client.connect arguments:”plugin” the JS is connected to the plugin 
cloud.connect arguments: the plugin is connected to the cloud
cloud.authenticate.success arguments: the plugin is authenticated (token accepted)
audio.ok arguments: sound device found (mandatory)
cloud.sip.ok arguments ready to receive and make calls 
presence.ok arguments:0 connected to the presence and chat server


The complete list of event can be found in the API reference (, the events are listed at the end of the list of functions.

There is also an explanation on how to authenticate on our how-to guide: (