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How-to Install SightCall Zimlet?

Zimlet Deployment Steps


Zimlet Deployment Overview


Step 1: Software Downloads

You can download SightCall for Zimbra components (SightCall Zimbra Server Extension & SightCall Video Call Zimlet) from the SightCall Admin Portal at:


Step 2: Zimbra Server Installation
From the ZCS Admin Console: 
From a unix shell of your ZCS server, login as a super user and create the following new directory:
Unzip contents of the previously downloaded Zimbra Server Extension into this new directory.
Restart the Zimbra server to activate the Server Extension using the following command:
/etc/init.d/zimbra restart
All Zimbra Collaboration Server users should now have the SightCall Video Call Zimlet enabled in their Zimbra Mail web interface.

Zimbra Collaboration Server Requirements

- Zimbra Collaboration Server Version 8.0.1 or later
- Default email Zimlet (com_zimbra_email) enabled


The same SightCall Video Call Zimlet and Zimbra Server Extension can be deployed on all ZCS servers in a cluster.Hosted deployments can share the same Weemo Zimlet and Server Extension.

On-premises deployments require unique credentials. You may add additional provider to your account to download the necessary software