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SightCall Zimlet End user guide

Introduction to SightCall Zimlet

The SightCall Video Chat Zimlet makes video calls and video conferencing instantly accessible to Zimbra Mail users. 

This Zimlet enables users on Windows and Mac (using any browser) and on Linux (using Google Chrome / Chromium) to:

  • Determine online status of other Zimbra users
  • Set a presence status
  • Video chat in a single click from the contact card of other Zimbra users
  • Start a 1-to-1 video chat by dragging a contact into the SightCall Zimlet
  • Initiate or join a group video session with host level controls
  • Run applications with other video chat participants or share a desktop with them

The SightCall Zimlet is available to Zimbra Solution and Service Providers who want to provide their Zimbra customers with a unique real-time video experience.


Quick video call
Video Call from emails
-- From email bubbles
-- From email address link
Video Call from the address book
-- From contact list
-- From contact details
-- From actions menu
-- Drag and drop a contact
Video Call from V-Cards
Join permanent conference
Launch a permanent conference as host
Troubleshooting guide



To access the video call functionality, you should meet these requirements:

  1. SightCall Zimlet activated by your system administrator
  2. Advanced version of Zimbra Web interface
  3. Rtccdriver version 5.4.2297 or later
  4. Browsers: Safari 6+, Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox
  5. Client Operating Systems: Windows XP or later, Mac OS 10.6 or later



Step 1: Connect to your Zimbra web interface

Login as you normally do and ensure that Zimbra interface version is set to 'Advanced'. You will not be able to use video call function with 'Default' version.


Once connected you should see SightCall cloud's icon imageon the toolbar or the Zimlet menu:

Step 2: Download and install the Rtccdriver

After few seconds if you do not have the Rtccdriver installed, a pop-up window for the Rtccdriver download will appear.

The Rtccdriver software is automatically downloaded in the browser upon deployment of the SightCall Zimlet. It can also be manually downloaded by selecting SightCall zimlet menu preferences:

Click on SightCall Icon to see Zimlet menu, then select Preferences...

... and click on 'Get video driver':

The installation process could be different for each type of devices and browsers combinaisons. SightCall Zimlet contains 'inside' installation guide for the Rtccdriver, just follow it to install.

An example of installation guide:

Once the Rtccdriver installed, SightCall Zimlet is fully ready to authenticate your account on SightCall services. The SightCall light icon turns to yellow: image

Step 3: SightCall Zimlet is ready and running

Once the Rtccdriver is authenticated, the SightCall Zimlet icon's should change to online (available) icon:

At this step if you encounter any issue, please go on troubleshooting section.


Quick video call

For all following instruction, you must be online to connect to other Zimbra customers.

You can call a contact by entering his address email on quick call box:

To launch the quick call box, select 'Start Video Call' on Zimlet Menu:

Enter an email address in this field (Auto completed by your Zimbra instance):


And click on "Start Video Call button" image

The outgoing call window shall appear:


Video Call from emails

Weemo adds the functionality to perform video calls from any email address link and bubbles from zimbra web interface. At each call request, Weemo checks target contact's availability on Weemo's cloud. If the contact is logged on Weemo Cloud the cam icon move to green, gray if the contact is disconnected from Weemo.



From email bubbles

You can use zimbra contextual menu on email bubbles to video call a contact, you can see if the contact is available to receive your call if the cam icon is green.


Click on "Video Call" me u item to perform the call, the outgoing call window shall appear:


From email address link

The same contextual menu appears on email addresses written on the message's body. Look at the status of your contact and call-it.


Click on "Video Call" me u item to perform the call, the outgoing call window should be popped up:



Video Call from the address book

When you click on address book application tab, you see a screen view similar to the one below.

The SightCall Zimlet interacts with a lot item of the address book:

  1. Contact list

  2. Presence indicator

  3. Contact details

  4. Actions menu

  5. Zimlet icon

Presence indicator

The Weemo Status indicator light next to each contact that helps you check the availability of any of your contacts to video call.

Online light: Available for a call - The contact is registered and currently logged on Weemo.

Offline light: Not available for a call - The contact is registered with Weemo but currently is not logged in.

No status light: Not available for a call - The contact is not registered with SightCall. 


From contact list

To launch a call with a contact from your address book, just right click on-it and select 'Video Call' menu item:


From contact details

On contact detail, right click on contact's email address and select 'Video Call' menu item:


From actions menu

When a contact is selected on the contact list, you can call him by clicking on Actions menu. Select 'Video Call' menu item:


Drag and drop a contact

Another possibility to call quickly a user from the contact list is to drag and drop it on Weemo Zimlet.


Video Call from V-Cards

V-cards from Zimbra's email Zimlet are modified by Weemo Zimlet to add Video Call buttons.

In mail application tab:

In address book application tab:

In appointment tab:


Set-up / Join a conference call

Before you can host a Video call, you must create the wall settings, for your host page.

Create a video call meeting


Accept Invites

Participant joins call



Show more updated articles on online FAQ.

Is SightCall Zimlet installed on my Zimbra account?

  • SightCall Zimlet for Zimbra works only if you are using web interface of Zimbra.

  • Check your Zimbra preferences to see if SightCall appears on the list and if is enabled.

  • You should see SightCall logo on the toolbar or Zimlet menu.

How do I know when I’m available to send and receive calls?

  • There are different online indications to verify if you are connected or not to SightCall services

Green light on SightCall Icon

Green light and Available status on toolbar

How can I download the RtccDriver manually?

Open SightCall preferences panel by Zimlet menu:

Click on "Get video driver" button

The installation process could be different for each type of devices and browsers combinaisons. The SightCall Zimlet contains 'inside' installation guide for the RtccDriver, just follow it to install.

An exemple of a installation guide:

Where can I find documentation for the RtccDriver?

See online documentation for Mac OsX and Windows versions: RtccDriver User Guide

How can I remove the RtccDriver from my computer?

See online documentation for Mac OsX and Windows versions: RtccDriver User Guide

How-to remove/re-activate the SightCall zimlet from your Zimbra account?

Open your Zimbra account preferences on Web iterface


On Zimlet section, uncheck the SightCall Zimlet and save preferences.

To re-activate-it, just come back in your preference tab and check the SightCall Zimlet.



Find a solution to your issue on our online help center or submit a request to our support team.