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How do I uninstall SightCall for Salesforce?

You can remove Weemo for Salesforce  package, including all of its components and all data in the package. Additionally, any custom fields, links, or anything else you added to the custom app after installation are also removed.
To remove the package:
1. From Setup, click Installed Packages.
2. Click Uninstall next to the Weemo for Salesforce package.
3. Select Yes, I want to uninstall... and click Uninstall.
4. After an uninstall, Salesforce automatically creates an export file containing the package data, as well as any associated notes and attachments. When the uninstall is complete, Salesforce sends an email containing a link to the export file to the user performing the uninstall. The export file and related notes and attachments are listed below the list of installed packages. We recommend storing the file elsewhere because it is only available for a limited period of time after the uninstall.