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How does SightCall work?

SightCall is a global WebRTC platform built on a global real-time video infrastructure. Our platform also has a development framework that encompasses front-end and back-end APIs. The APIs include a JavaScript API that abstracts native WebRTC browser APIs and extends real-time video capabilities to non-WebRTC browsers. A cornerstone of our front-end integration is our, iOS and Android SDKs. The back-end APIs are intended for authentication, reporting and provisioning.

As long as our clients have defined the experience they want to deliver, they can literally build it in less than a day using our platform. Since the platform is running on our globally distributed backbone of signaling and media servers, there is no hardware for them to deploy.

We built the platform to abstract all the complexities software or service providers would encounter when leveraging WebRTC in their applications. We rely on P2P media transport where possible, use relay servers when necessary and our software-based multipoint video bridge for multi-party calls