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I am currenty using your API/SDK, do I need to make any changes to my application?

To upgrade your code to the new API/SDK, You will need to take the following steps:


1st Step - Authentication API Client Migration to RTCC Authentication API

All customers are required to migrate their authentication client prior to October 8, 2014. Please connect to the portal to find instructions on how to migrate your Authentication API client. If you don’t update your authentication you will be served errors. 

2nd Step – RTCC JavaScript and SDK Migration

We encourage you to migrate Weemo method before November 2014 since our next release, 5.4, planned for this November, will be available only with the RTCC methods.

All method calls are being changed from Weemo to RTCC in both our .js and SDKs. Please refer to this page for further explanations about the RTCC renaming in the public methods of the Javascript API and mobile SDK. 

We value you as a customer and look forward to working with you. Please visit should you need technical assistance.