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How can I Start and Stop the RTCC Driver?

Once you download and install the RTCC Driver, it is launched at the start-up time on your system and quietly runs in the background.

Sometimes, however, you may have a reason to stop the driver. Or you may want to force it to stop and restart.  Access to the control panel for the WeemoDriver is different on OS X and Windows.


If the RTCC Driver is running, it will show an icon in the System Tray. Right-click on the icon to see the menu options. From here you can Quit or Restart the WeemoDriver.

If the RTCC Driver has been stopped, it is easy to start it.

  • use File Explorer to navigate to
  • C:\Users\{user}\RTCCDriver\bin\
  • double-click on RTCCDriver.exe to start it again

Mac OS X

Open the System Preferences and click on the "RTCC" preference at the bottom of the panel. The operations you can perform on the RTCCDriver are the following.

  • Restart the driver
  • Stop it if it is running; Start it if is stopped