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SightCall Zimlet Release Notes

About the Release Notes

These release notes contain information about new features in the SightCall Zimbra™ Zimlet,

Resolved Issues

Several known issues have been resolved in this release.

Issue Number



In address book: status bullets in contact list not always displayed, has been corrected


In address book: fixed right click on a user in contact list targeting wrong user when another user was selected


Fixed a conflict with VNCsafe zimlet (different jQuery version) 


Fixed a conflict with Think Free zimlet 


Fixed missing images in download Weemo Driver installation popup 


Log a message in console when zimbra_email zimlet is not enabled


Resolvedan error blocking appointments creation


Quick call popup working only for the first call, has been corrected


Version control


Various small fixes


Upgrading to this version


The Release Package is automatically available (without redeployment) to all customers, however we do recommend that you redeploy the Zimlet (available from 

Redeploying the Zimlet will enable version control. This allows us to control the Zimlet Version Providers are using in special cases, where unique requirements are needed. This will also help with trouble shooting and allows us to give a higher level of support to our Partners and Customers.

Note: When redeploying the Zimlet, only the Zimlet needs to be deployed. 

You do not need to restart the server, and the extension remains the same. 

Product Documentation

Documentation for Weemo Zimbra is available online.


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End User Guide

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