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I am having trouble using SightCall For Salesforce with IE11

There are two things that you may need to adjust to use the WeemoDriver with IE11.


IE11 introduced "Enhanced Protection Mode" (EPM). In Win 8.0, EPM is enabled and in Win 8.1 it is disabled, by default. When using the Weemo Driver, EPM should be disabled.

To check the status of EPM, open up the the security section of Internet Explorer's

  • Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

tab. Make sure the "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode" is un-checked.

Why? In Win8, web pages are run in a sandbox called an "AppContainer." When EPM is enabled, web pages in this sandbox are not allowed to access internet connections on localhost. IE10 did not use AppContainers and allowed access to localhost.


Authorize Local Network Connection

You should authorize local network connection in the security settings.  Open

  • Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Local Intranet
  • Click the "Sites" button
  • Uncheck all of the checkboxes